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Originally Posted by cug View Post
Triumph might be looking into things and I'm fairly certain they are, but to get traction on this, rider reports do absolutely nothing to make this move faster. That's just not how manufacturers work.
I know that at least one Triumph employee reads the UK Tiger 800 forum. Triumph DO read ride reports and are aware of the stalling issues. No news beyond that. A solution will be found I'm sure.

Regards F.I. systems: You do understand that the computer (ECM) in an F.I. system "learns" your riding style and adjusts accordingly? This is not new. Car computers have had this ability for years.

When a vehicle is brand new the computer is learning and storing data and making constant changes as a brand new motor breaks in. Running the bike through its full RPM range is a common method to allow the computer to learn and adjust more quickly and more accurately.

It would only take ONE element being faulty or out of spec to throw all this off. I expect that is what is going on with stalling Tigers. Obviously the fault is not throwing a code ... if it was it would have been solved by now.

But riding a new bike with some aggressiveness can sometimes help settle it down and allow stall free smooth running as the computer "learns".

I helped break in 30 brand new SV650 Suzuki press fleet bikes. Zero miles. This is the technique Suzuki techs insisted upon. We put only 25 miles on each bike. DONE.
The next nut behind the wheel were the magazine guys .... who hit redline before getting out of the parking lot ... and stayed there the entire day. ALL bikes ran perfectly. Not one glitch.
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