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I had the same glitch with my headlight, someone on this forum, I forget who, advised about the starter switch and its intent, to kill the light while starting, I just dismantled the switch, stretched that tiny spring and it was all good-I like a simple fix!
On another note: my carburetor has become problematic again- at takeoff it hesitates and sputters, (this is after a long warm-up) if I close the choke and start riding it works fine. My one troubleshooting act was to spray starting fluid on the carb while the choke was open- immediately the hesitation and stutter went away, it revved up and ran very smooth - it didn't seem to matter where I sprayed the starting fluid: on the boot between the carb and engine, on either side of the carb, anyplace I applied the fluid made it run well. So, is my carb full of holes? In need of new gaskets? Thanks for any thoughts or input.
A closing comment: thanks to all for the very constructive discussion on this forum lately, lots of helpful folks with lots of good info -
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