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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
My statements do Not contradict each other. I am simply stating that how the bike is being ridden may indeed be what is causing/exposing the issue that needs to be addressed. Are you two that inept that you canít understand that?
Excuse me, but you said:

Originally Posted by DAKEZ
are not riding the bike as it should be ridden
Are you too "inept" to understand that you are saying to a rider "you are doing something that is wrong by riding the bike how you ride it"?

If I ride a bike and I keep the engine alive at any point. Then the EFI has a bug when the bike stalls later. And I don't give a shit whether anybody considers any type of riding as "not as the bike should be ridden" - the bike has to deal with it.

What people here are trying (certainly you) is to declare a clear bug in the bikes fuel injection as rider error ("not riding as it should be ridden"). And it doesn't matter whether any kind of riding exposes this bug more or not - a bug stays a bug.

And there is no way "how a bike should be ridden". If a manufacturer sells a bike that can be started, they need to expect all kinds of riders with all kinds of riding habits.

If I write a software that looses data and than say "you are not using the software as it should be used" - that would be equal bullshit. If I bring something on the market that can't deal with normal users, I need to fix it fast or not provide such software. And people like you should not find excuses that aren't excuses. A bug is a bug. No matter how it is exposed. And too many people see this to point to a specific behavior. It's statistically highly unlikely that all those people fall into a specific riding or break-in pattern.
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