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I took my Tiger in for the stalling problem, when I got it back he said I could it ride it but it's not fixed. Dealer said he adjusted something but it didn't seem to run any better on the ride home. He told me Triumph is still working on it. They were thinking it was the stepper motor but now are leaning toward a software issue/fix, that throwing parts at it hasn't helped much.


Triumph threw about $1500 worth of parts at my 2012 XC in the form of a new throttle body assembly (which contains the Stepper Motor and Throttle Position Sensor. Both of which were determined by Triumph to be defective). The replacement solved the high idle issue I was having but now the bike stalls. Intermittently, when coming to a stop. Not a "riding style" issue that some of us are proposing. Just dies when the bike comes to a stop. Every rider of any motorcycle will have to come to a stop at several times during their given ride...

During the 25 days that my XC sat at the dealership for repairs I was communicating with Triumph's Customer Relations Manager, Peter Carleo (pm me for his contact info if you want it). He was quite interested in my experience as a customer while the bike was in the shop. He asked me to let him know how the bike runs when I get it out, told me Triumph will throw a few $$ at me for my troubles in the form of accessories. So I let him know that now my bike has a stalling problem, like so many others, and 2 weeks later I have not heard a peep from him. No accessories. No proper running motorcycle that I paid a pant load of money for.

I really question how much Triumph is working on the problem. They're doing shit for me right now.
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