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So I'll eventually get around to posting about the Fuzzy Beaver & the DualSportin the Free State event. But for now! This is a few pics from today's/yesterday's ride. I was poking about in the N. Ga John's Mtn area.

This is one of many switchbacks on Pocket Rd., lots of curves and I only passed one car on the ridge.

Lo! & Behold! A lake on the other side of Sugar Valley!

Truly an old school, honor system at display here, you can still find these types of places. The cokes in the old machine are still $.60

This lil coke machine was perkin right along, just waiting for a photo :p I didn't feel like guzzling a 12 oz. coke :/

Ice!!!!! Lots of it!!!! Woot Woot! Yes, I stole 2 pieces just for my self

Yes, I wanted a pic of me, it didn't turn out so well. So my braid had to do :p

Ooooo, I like cranes. How tall and dramatic they can be in eye

Ah yes, this is my beacon home. Lookout Mtn in the distance, just on the other side is home. I believe everyone has that special kinda landmark that is the significant point in the homestretch of the journey. When I see Lookout Mtn I know just how far from home I really am. I like that.

Altho, I was blocking several mailboxes and apparently one of them was an older ladies' in which she was waiting for me to move my ass bout taking a stupid pic. :p
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