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With the damage to my WR I need to replace the stock bars. I'm looking for a bend that is a little bit taller with a little bit less sweep. With my rough measurements on the stockers it appears the Pro Taper Henry/Reed bend provides this. Can those of you with this bend confirm?

I'm also debating on sticking with 7/8 or going to a big bar. Are there any pros/cons of the choice other than the obvious bigger is stronger and new bar/hand guard mounts needed?

Regarding the ends of big bars, I know they taper off the 7/8 for the controls. Do standard hand guard inserts still fit or are mods needed?

WR250R - perhaps the ideal motorcycle for myself
Throw in a passenger and I'm unsure of what I'd consider ideal. Maybe a Multi?
I am now for sure sold on the Dual Sport style bike.
Keeping the Vulcan for now. The ladies seem to love it.
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