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Well I just went and took some new rough measurements of the non bent side of the stockers. Somehow my height measurement is much different.

Old Height: 4.5"
New Height: 2.75" if not a little less

My old width measurement was about 31" and I can't do a new one.

My sweep or pull back is about the same.
Old: 2.5"
New: 2.25-2.5"

Can anyone tell me if which height is more accurate? Based of these I think the YZ bend on the Chub Bar is a better option over the CR High.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has replaced the plastics around the headlight. There is the top piece then the bottom part that screws into the black frame of the headlight assembly. Well, normally it may be one piece but the top piece popped off and won't pop back on because the lower piece is a little bent and cracked on the left side. Any ideas on exactly what I'd need to replace this? I've been looking on bike bandit for the 08 R and I can't figure out if part 12 is all I need on the headlight schematic. 13 looks like it may be needed but I imagine that broke off when the top piece broke off in the crash as I don't see it anywhere. I don't care about the graphics.
WR250R - perhaps the ideal motorcycle for myself
Throw in a passenger and I'm unsure of what I'd consider ideal. Maybe a Multi?
I am now for sure sold on the Dual Sport style bike.
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