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Originally Posted by high dangler View Post
been lusting over the new tenere till the last few weeks and now Im all exited about the 800s from BMW and Triumph.
Been doing the street for 40 years and think Id like to try an adventure bike.
II might just wait till the japs make an equivelant of the f800 or the Triumph 8
Reliability is my main concern and not all that sure about english and german bikes .
If someone wants to tell me good or bad about those 2 brands Im all ears.
In My experience...... The Hinkley Triumph's are good to go. Jap switch gear, and on earlier models, suspension. My '96 did not use or leak any oil!
If dealer location was not a factor, I would own another at this time.
A good, solid piece of machinery these days.
BMW's.... not so much in my experience. I quit hearing "raves" about them 10 or so years ago
Unless you do your own maint. it gets kinda pricy fast. The days of the 'Ol R90S are well gone past at this time.
This is a major reason I ride a V-Strom now days.....
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