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I bought my $1,300 bike with student loan money... $200 for a day course was out of the question...Excuse me for not being PC.
If you're self-employed YOU are responsible for YOUR finances with the money you should have saved.

What did the Government do with it's profits in all those fat years?

Surely you see the irony in using student loan money to buy a bike.....and not taking a class?????

Most of the riders in my moto safety class here in Greater Miami were unlicensed....paid over $5000 a piece in fines and to get their street bikes back. They also were all shocked at what they learned ...taking the course was mandatory for these guys so they could get the bikes out of impound. None of them came to class open was a joke to them .They Knew it all. They left better riders...most even learned that bikes actually have a rear brake!!!

along the NooB thread lines.....ride as often as you can with experienced friends. Get as much time under your belt as you can....even if the ride doesnt interest you. I ride once a week in Lauderdale on the streets to go out to eat. Stop and go traffic hot and sticky. Not my thing. But I go and I learn and I get more natural instincts every time....

and if Advrider ever gets PC......I'm out!
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