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Originally Posted by fwlslyr View Post
Hey Vtwin, is that a T-90/ T-18 set up. The tranny and transfer case are dirt cheap here in the east. Usually $100. Those overdrive units are like gold! Good luck getting a saturn unit they cost more then the whole truck. Project is looking good ,how about a full truck picture.
I actually have a bad second gear, per the previous owner. It has the common jumps out of 2nd gear on decel. It's why I bought the entire assembly from the guy. You can see the Borg/Warner overdrive unit hanging off the back of the transfer case and connects to the driveshaft. That required me to replace the driveshaft with a shorter one the seller even provided! Here's a write up on how the BW overdrive unit works. Would have preferred the Warn/Saturn, but at $1K, pricey, plus I still have a bad trans.

Here's an old picture of the truck when I first got it 2 years ago, pretty much looks the same.

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