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Originally Posted by KaHOnas View Post
Does this count? I forgot about this one...

(31 May 08):

For quite some time now, my mirrors have been loose at the joint. For those of you who don't know, the Sprint ST has a hinge on the mirror so you can clip a car or drop the bike or whatever without breaking your mirror too bad. Well, the design of the hinge involves a serrated stem and washer. After the hinge bends over and over again, the washer moves up and puts less pressure on the joint, resulting in a loose, floppy mirror.

I decided to take some advice from a member of a Sprint ST email list I'm on and fix it 'in-house', just not IN my house. Actually it was done IN Ace Hardware in Ooltewah, TN. And, yes, I mean IN the hardware store.

They were cool enough to say "hey, bud, why not bring the bike in here?" after watching me grab a bolt, walk outside. Come back in. Grab another size bolt. Walk outside. Come back in.

Ad infinitum.

So, anyway, after a few experiments with different sizes and such, I came up with a pretty nice solution. I was really impressed that they were ok with a bike parked at the end of aisle 17.

ace rocks!
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