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I really like the idea of this product. I have a Gen II spot and it has worked for me thus far but it does have its limitations.

I really don't like the every 10min update. Plus the 2way custom aspect of it is good to.

I am a Delorme user already and have really enjoyed their products over the years. I started out with a Serial GPS many years ago. Now i have a USB that I use on my Dell DUO in my truck and a PN40 that I use on my bike.

The fact that they are going to let you download the maps to your phone is a great feature. With the Purchase of the inReach and the monthly subscription you get the option to download the Delorme maps to your phone. That is great. Whenever my PN40 dies I will get a PN60/w and an inReach.... bye bye Spot.... I am sure that the price will come down quickly once it hits the market....

I look forward to the release... now I just gotta save my spare change so I can get one when it comes out......

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