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Originally Posted by Bloodweiser View Post
The dump I go to weighs your truck before and after it takes a dump.
I feel like if we went there on a weekday they'd happily weigh the bikes, I mean, all they got to do is read the number after we drive on the scale. Maybe we should each bring a bag of garbage with us

I agree with using the published stock weight as a start.
But somehow it would seem more gratifying to weigh every piece that we remove. Sounds like we'll be going through a couple bathroom scales

Who knows. But right, BP and I are going to get wicked hammered this weekend when I bring his bike down. This will be the first time he sees it and the first time we've been able to get together since we came up with this hair brained scheme.
As said, it will be far more accurate if the wheels are at the same height. the lower extremity will always have a hair more weight than the higher one.

Think of it like, two guys holding a beam on each end. If the beam is horizontal, both guys are sharing the load equally, but if the beam is vertical, one guy has the whole load and the other guy has none. If the beam is 45deg, the lower guy will be taking about twice the weight of the upper guy.

So jam a 2x4 under the wheel not being weighed at the time so they are the same height.

It might be close enough for your purposes to ignore me completely, though I would not be offended. But I would hate to see you have dubious measurements when points are involved.
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