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3.) get some cheap *orange* cones (you can get some at a sporting store *color needs to be visible*) and a friend, go to a parking lot (empty or close to it), set up an obstacle course and have your friend throw in some unexpected situations like kicking cones in front of you etc. my dad did this with me before i got my license and i also got some gravel training in too.
its cheaper than a training course and you can do it anywhere and often as you like.

I tried that at the Bellevue Mall (for those that don't know, just about THE WHOLE mall is CLOSED!) and got run off. The, I guess caretaker, who's watched me before said "if you get hurt, it's our fault". He was nice, and I thought about going back and talking to him about it.

Then I rode by about 2 hours later to find about 20 bicycles riding in a team, or class, or some chit... I wonder if he knows they can get hurt riding their bikes around the parking lot?

I also wonder if he knows TN requires me to have Auto and Life insurance, and that I'm not some snot nosed skateboarder kid with liability lawyers for parents?

Damned if you do, damned if ya don't.. Try to keep shit off the road, and "in a safe environment" and b/c of frivolous liability lawsuits you get run off...

I wonder if I could sue if I get into an accident b/c I was forced onto city streets... Seems the state would condone wanting to get riders/stunters/etc off the streets...

Everyday IS 3/11!
Everybody's always talking out the side of their mouths about our "dependency on foreign oil", what about our dependency on cheap china crap? Who exactly again is killing our dollar?

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