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Originally Posted by SnappNBrrap View Post
^^^ agreed on the right helmet thing. street noob here (been riding off-road for years) three things i got:

1.) buy the BEST helmet you can afford! $800 is cheaper than a big hospital bill

2.) WEAR THE DAMN HELMET (and maybe a tough jacket too)

3.) get some cheap *orange* cones (you can get some at a sporting store *color needs to be visible*) and a friend, go to a parking lot (empty or close to it), set up an obstacle course and have your friend throw in some unexpected situations like kicking cones in front of you etc. my dad did this with me before i got my license and i also got some gravel training in too.
its cheaper than a training course and you can do it anywhere and often as you like.

An absolute must for a helmet is fit. My hubby's bike slid out from under him at low speed in the mud and was knocked out because his helmet was fitted incorrectly. Be sure that the helmet fits side to side and front to back as well as somewhat squeezing the cheeks. When you move it, it should move your skin with it. If it does not fit, don't buy it. I have to buy Vega's because of the shape of my head. My hubby needs AFX or Icon. MAKE SURE YOUR HELMET FITS YOUR HEAD!!!

Oh, and by the way...I paid a whopping $19 for my helmet on Ebay, because I know what fits. Can't beat that for bargain!
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