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Wink I call BS

Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
Sure... It's the same exact mentality as all those "take it to the track" posts in a thread that shows fast riders on a public road...

Well... Some of us can't afford a track day, or even live close to a track to start with....

It'd be nice if every post we made would be PC and make sense from the person you replied to's, post, but here in the real world it don't work like that...

We all have to accept what is-is, at some point...

For example, some of us don't live near a track. I know I'm NOT gonna drive to Georgia or Virginia. And some of us might not even live remotely close to a place that offers a MSF class...

I bought my $1,300 bike with student loan money... $200 for a day course was out of the question...Excuse me for not being PC.
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