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Not on the bike but in a car, yesterday about to turn off into the rich-rich section of town, I pull into the center turn lane before some guy in a brand new Merc "BlueTooth" or some chit...

Not even close, or close to overtaking, he finally gets the picture and guess it was the right time for his majesty, so he gets in. He's evidently not happy I went in sooner than him, b/c he's looking in his mirror at me and mouthing something...

Unaware of the gap he can use and turn, b/c he's too busy giving me a what-fer... I blow the horn (I know) to tell him to look ahead and that he could go.

Well too late at that point, and the horn stirred his desire to be right and argue even more... As his head's out of the window and he's yelling something at me. With my window up and the AC on, I couldn't quite hear...

He finally goes and holding his phone up gestures he's gonna call the cops...

Like most moron's here, he gets to his 1st turn off and signal-less abruptly slams on the brakes & turns into it to get me to go around...

I bet that was a fun call to explain when or if he even made it.
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