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I commute 100 miles a day (50 each way) and have seen some unusual things

1 - a woman eating a bowl of cereal, no hands on the wheel, 80mph on the interstate eating cereal out of a bowl...

2 - a guy driving slow in the passing lane, i go around him on the right and when I come to the window to give him "the look" i see that he is picking his nose and feeding it to his german shepard. I sat there a minute and watched him do it with 3 different boogers....

3 - men wearing dresses or apparently naked, happens every few weeks....

4 - people reading. Book on the steering wheel, reading at 75mph

there's more but those always stick out....

Those of you that commute regularly - do you find that about 80 -90% of the time when you go to pass someone while you are in the passing lane and they are in the right lane that they temporarily speed up as you approach? I am perplexed by this and I don't think people realize they are doing it, but it happens all the time.....then I pass and they slow back down to where they were....its weird, like some primitive response to being approached from the rear or something....
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