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Well I got my new bars and stuff this evening. I haven't installed anything yet but did cut down each end by 9/16" to get back to ~30.5" length on the bars. I didn't measure that yet though. I'll do that tomorrow afternoon when I get the install on. Based off my rough measurements and some calculations the new pullback should be ~2.23" on the YZ bend Tusk Chub. Hopefully by tomorrow night Rē will be back up and ready to ride.

I'd like to take it on the longest trip of it's life Sat. About 105 miles round trip with 90 of 2 lane routes and 15 of interstate. The previous longest was my commute of about 95 miles round trip, 70 4+ lane highway and 25 2 lane routes. That's sad, right? Once I'm healed a little more I'll be looking to improve my off-road ability some and then get going on some short to mid distance "adventure" rides encompassing pavement and dirt. I want to wear out the trailwings on the pavement commuting though. I need to get this bike over 500 miles already. I should be close but really need to bust 1000 soon too. At least I've used it more than the previous owner.
WR250R - perhaps the ideal motorcycle for myself
Throw in a passenger and I'm unsure of what I'd consider ideal. Maybe a Multi?
I am now for sure sold on the Dual Sport style bike.
Keeping the Vulcan for now. The ladies seem to love it.
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