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East London Port Elizabeth JBay

Got up reasonably early and had a bowl of cereal and toast for breakfeast then got into packing my bike up, its a bit of a nuisance takes about 30 or 40 nminutes if I strip all the gear off it which I had done here cause I just didnt have the feeling it was safe even though it was behind a wire fence and security gate. Hit the road about 9:30 after saying my goodbyes to Trish, Kevin and Joan. Was thinking of getting the slow leak on the front tyre fixed but Joans daughter lives in Jeffreys Bay and she told me that id be able to get it fixed there so I thought rather than stuffing around here Id get on the road.

First rule is dont leave something till later if you can do it now especially when your talking about fuel, repairs to the bike or something you need, ok i'll learn but its not that bad ive got a compressor with me that has been working fine to pump it up and its only a slow leak and going down over night, so i thought.

The ride down to Port Elizabeth took me through Port Alfred now this looks like a nice spot could of easily gone in and stopped there for the night,very up market marina with very nice houses all around, stopped off and took a few photos at the river crossing but other than that didnt spend much time there which looking back I probably should of stopped for more of a look, next time. Cant stop everywhere, this trip will take me a million years if I do.

Even the guy at the servo that filled my tank up was really friendly with a welcome to Port Alfred, then another guy came up and had a chat as i sat and had a drink for a minute or two. The road around there had some pretty ordianary potholes the worst of the trip so far but nothing to dangerous that you and the bike are going to disapear into but still wasnt able to relax like I have been, just makes for a bit of a longer day in the saddle having to concentrate that little bit harder.

Rode of the N2 into Port Elizabeth was a good ride winding road, was really nice and mostly 120k's all the way. Port Elizabeth seems like a really nice town everyone was really friendly people coming over to say hi when I stopped. Rode right into the central business area and stopped and had a look around, only stayed about 30 minutes as it was starting to get after lunch and wanted to get to Jefferys Bay about 45 minutes away early in the afternoon. Headed off in a southerly direction even though the Gps was telling me to turn around and go back to the highway the other way. Just kept heading south and the Gps kept recalculating but still had me turning around for at least 10 minutes and then finally it had me heading south.

I saw a KFC so thought id stop for a munch so pulled in and jumped off the bike. The tyre was flat again so I got the compressor out and pumped it up and one of the security guys from KFC came over and had a chat for a few minutes, ive forgotten his name but he was a nice guy. I had all good intentions of getting something to eat but after a chat, ciggie and a drink didnt really feel hungry so I just got on the bike and headed off.

Headed out of town and wasnt far from hitting the highway when on the last turn to pull onto the N2 i noticed the front wheel was all flat again, ok great that took less than 10 minutes to go down, so I pulled over and got the compressor out again and pumped it up again. I thought I wonder if I could make JefferysBay with it like that pulling over to pump it up every 5 or 10 minutes after all it was only 50 k's away.

Well im glad I didnt hit the highway I decided to head back to the otherside of town where I had noticed a Yamaha dealer and thought they might be able to help me out so off I go back towards them and get 3 k's down the road and the tyre is flat again, at that rate I made the right decision to head back to Yamaha i would of never of made Jefferys with it like that.

Get back into the Yamaha dealer and walk in and yeah no probs bring it around the side to the workshop cool that was easy as it was 2:30 when I arrived and I was starting to think I might have to spend the night here in Port Elizabeth which wouldnt of been a problem of course, I sort of like the feel of Port Elizabeth compared to East London.

Parked my bike in there and Winston got straight to work on it while me and Dylan had a chat so was all good and 30 or 40 minutes later its finished, my new tube and the old one patched for a spare.. I asked Dylan how much and he said not to worry about it, I tell you everyone has been so welcoming in South Africa I couldnt speak highly enough of the people here, ok everywhere has there good and bad people but from my experience from Johannasburg to Soweto, Pretoria over to Dundee through the hills to Greytown and into Durban, Kruger Park and Swaziland everyone has been absolutely fantasticly friendly and im having the best time meeting great people.

Slipped Winston a few bucks to grab a beer or a dinner or whatever then packed my bike up said good bye to the boys and hit the road again. Was getting on a bit so thought i better get stuck into it didnt want to be turning up in Jbay in the dark. It was only another 50 or 60 k's to Jbay so didnt take long and the road was 120 nearly all the way so not a problem at all. Arrived in Jbay and had a guesthouse in the Gps and took me straight there, got off and asked and yep im in. That was to easy.

Sat down and had a chat to Marian and Dave really nice couple, they run two places one down the near Supertubes across the road and as Marianne has bookings tomororrow ill be heading over the road closer to the beach.

Went for a walk over to the beach to see Jbay as ive been waiting 25 or 30 years to see it so off I went was small 4 to 5 foot but still you could see it couple of guys pulling into barrels at supertubes and others riding nice walls down the point, looks like a magic wave, if I had to compare it with a wave from home its like Lennox Point but the length or more of The Pass you would be doing well to surf one all the way through even if you were fit, Lennox Point is long but this place is like 5 times as long it really is amazing.

Got back to the B&B and had a bit more of a chat to Dave and Marianne the left to go up to the room and hit the fart sack around 9 and that was today done. Not to exciting some great riding meeting some nice people all part of the adventure, pretty good day in the wash up.

Sprcial thanks to Dylan, Winston and the guys at Port Elizabeth Yamaha for their help was fantastic. Cheers guys.

Port Alfred was a really nice town

Arriving in Port Elizabeth

My first flat tyre of the trip, fortunatly it happned not far from Port Elizabeth and was able to put the compressor on and get it up enough to ride a few k's before doing that all over again till I reached Yamaha Dealer.

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