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RM forks

Originally Posted by tdrrally View Post
why not just bolt on an rm/drzsm usd fork?

adjust spring and valves to new weight
tdrrally -

You're right of course, but then that wouldn't be much of a project. If I can get the Ohlins to work for me then I will go that route, if not, I will fall back and punt to the original WPs, or go with the RM fork conversion. I am not doing anything on the front end that can't be reversed and started over.

I did test ride the DR650 this afternoon now that I have the front end back together. It is a huge improvement from before - no weaving or scary handling. I rode it a little in my woods and used the front brake very hard from full throttle in 3rd gear - sitting and standing on the pegs. No adverse reactions.

With the moto on the lift, I have 11.75" between the top of the tire and lowest point inside the front fender - bolt head. With knobbies, it would be less. I will take a static sag measurement and see what the clearance is unloaded and then loaded.

I do not yet know what the full stroke length of the fork is, so I will be working to bottom the fork - or get some stroke data from Ohlins to ensure that the forks will bottom before tire contact with the fender fasteners. I will then need to do some mods on the Ohlins for fully loaded touring weight.

Thanks for looking & for your input - Dave
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