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More info on the Gasoline Rally:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, such as limited space and practice times for the MotoGP race, we are restricted to 200 riders on the Indy500 and MotoGP track on Friday night. If you have already pre-registered, your spot is guaranteed, but you must still register before 6pm on Friday evening at the Front Page (310 Massachusetts Ave). If you have not yet registered, you will still be able to ride on the track with standard registration on Friday, in a first-come, first-served fashion. Additionally, if you purchase a MotoGP ticket from us on Friday, you will also have a guaranteed spot to ride on track, but we have a limited number of tickets to sell.

We currently have over 100 pre-registrants, and space for the track ride is filling up, but we still have plenty of spots available. This number is based upon estimates of attendees, and the cost of track ride spots with our partners at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Our sponsors and organizers have very generously paid thousands of dollars personally, to assure our position on the track, but we need your understanding, support and cooperation.

We hope that we've estimated correctly, and there will not be any issues that arise. However, in the off chance that more people show up on Friday than expected, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

At Friday registration, if you are a pre-registrant, have pre-purchased MotoGP tickets, or wish to purchase a MotoGP ticket to secure your slot on the track, please see Ben Roe.

All others will need to sign in at regular registration, and add their name to the waiting list. It is a first-come, first-served scenario, so register early! We will keep the group up to date with the number of spaces available throughout the day. Please register by 5:30pm, since dispersal of track passes will commence at that time.

You MUST have all waivers signed, registration completed, be wearing a DOT approved helmet, and have stands up, and ready to leave at 6pm SHARP! No exceptions.

If you have a passenger on the back of the bike, or in a sidecar, they too must be registered, and have a track pass. ALL riders must be at least 18 years old to ride on the track, per IMS regulations.

Questions & comments can be sent to

Thank you for your support and understanding. PLEASE SHARE THIS ANNOUNCEMENT WITH YOUR FELLOW RIDERS AND CLUBMATES. Thanks!
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