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Originally Posted by motodavid2000 View Post
I did test ride the DR650 this afternoon now that I have the front end back together. It is a huge improvement from before - no weaving or scary handling. I rode it a little in my woods and used the front brake very hard from full throttle in 3rd gear - sitting and standing on the pegs. No adverse reactions. Dave
Sounds like major progress! I hope you get a chance to test ride on a twisty paved road to test out the balance and handling while turning sharp corners. Quick left to right transitions will let you know if the balance and rake & trail are in the ball park.

Most single dual sports I've ridden begin to weave at about 80 or 90 mph. DR's are pretty good in this regard ... but my KTM 640, XR-L, KLR and older XL600 Hondas all had some sort of mild high speed weave. All kinds of things can affect this. I never worried about it as long as handling was correct and bike responded normally to input on a twisty road.

The ultimate test will be to do the same twisty roads with your full travel load on the bike. It took me a day or two to adapt to my DR carrying 100 lbs. of stuff. (Givi, racks, gear, spare tire, tools) I weighed everything. Biggest problem was brakes ... I have stock brakes. With weight you really need more braking IMO. I think you've upgraded you rotor?

When I went from the Givi hard bags to soft bags I reduced weight by nearly 40 lbs.

I'm envious of all the travel you've got up front. Those Ohlins shocks will surly pay dividends once dialed in.
The best way to test to see if the tire is hitting the fender is do that same hard braking test you did ... but hit a few pot holes while hard on the brakes. This is when bottoming typically will happen, especially on a steep downhill run ... but sounds to me like you've got it very close to perfect!

Great Mojave brake and suspension testing downhill. The lead bike is my buddies 68 year old dad, riding his CRF230 ... former enduro rider. You can see he's bottomed the suspension ... once that happens the tire will lock and ... away you go! The old guy made it down fine but he was pissed at me for taking him down that hill.
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