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Thanks all!

It looks like she is coming out of it. Dr's were right it would take some time. She has had a ton of people up there this that and the othering over her so I made sure to stop in and say hi before she got tuckered out. Dr's want people to quit trying to make her talk because the tube they had in her throat has roughed it up. That's hard to do... She can Yammer on and on... Just like me. :)

I did get out for a little while on the Rucklone today and it seems just as good as the day I got it. In fact it feels a little quicker to get up to cruising speed? I Thought it would feel like a moped after being on my Bonnie all week But it does seem to be running a little quicker?? Might have been a compression loss with the stripped out plug....Donno

I Need to decide if I want to put the Puffy chrome stickers on the bike that came in the toolbox. People keep asking me what it is but they dont seem to understand. I just get the "Oh My such and such had a chink scooter and it blew up after 10k miles"

Sweet! I Hope it last 10k miles :)

I like the Duro tires it has on it more and more. I may not put any kind of knobby on it until they wear out.

Anyway, Mom's getting better....and the bike is running great.

The week started out crummy but things are looking up.
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