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Originally Posted by jtmajors View Post
I was always planning on doing this exact setup. Mostly because I was inspired by BigDog. After going on a hiking/camping trip this summer where we lived out of dry bags I realized after it was to late that anything that can puncture something like tools, tent stakes, bottom metal edges of an Off if not wrapped up in something soft will tear up a rubber dry bag quick. Since that trip I starting to rethink the dry saddle bags for longevity reasons. Do you find that to be true at all?
Yes, but I don't think that is unique to the dry bag. I've managed to rub a hole through cordura nylon in less than 100 miles (White Rim trail, socket handle) and thought I'd learned my lesson. When I got my Dry Duffel I wanted to be sure it would hold up and thought I'd kept hard stuff away from the edges, but the celebratory bottle of Fat Tire worked its way down and rubbed a hole between the bottom of the bag and the rear rack on the first day. Took 200 miles this time.

Wolfman sells a nice patch kit.

Again, it's an issue with all soft luggage, dry bag or not. IMO.
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