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I know... I know...

Originally Posted by jtmajors View Post
On the outside a KTM is sexy. It's like that drop dead gorgeous girl you meet for the first time, however spend a little time with her and you discover she's really a prostitute with a lot of issues and baggage waiting to give you vd and take all your money. No thanks! For now I'm sticking with old faithful. Haha!
But we always clamor all over ourselves to open a door for those kinds of women in spite of what better judgement might be.

I used to feel that way about KTMs too. Then my neighbor and another buddy with 950 Adventures rolled up 35K plus miles each with no real issues. Then last April I bought a 950 SE and since have put almost 20K miles on it with no problems whatsoever. That beast is pure pleasure to ride (on all but tight single track).

So I'm not gonna bash the new orange bike just because she's a purdy thing. Sometimes good looks and good personality can come in the same package.

Now, about the price... well that's another issue!
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