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$1000 "barn find" Eldo

Time to revive this old thread, so here we go...

A friend told me about a friend of his that had an Eldorado for sale near Baltimore for $1000. "Cosmetically poor, sat in a leaky shed for years, but runs and is rideable. Interested?" he said. "Let me think about that for a few milliseconds. Uh, yes!"

I need another bike like another hole in my head, but my friend Joseph was looking for a bike to do a late Summer/early Fall road trip on, so I decided it might be better passed on to him. He was immediately interested as well and contacted the seller to set up a time to go look at it.

So we drive down to Baltimore and arrived at "Bill", the owner's, place. There the Eldo sits, idling slowly but steadily and making all the "right" noises. Missing the right battery cover and crashbars and is definitely a *little* crusty, but I can see the diamond inside the chunk of coal right away. 4477 original miles, original MT53 tires, even has some period accessories (Triple A floorboards, DB rear fender guard and Bates fairing). After a little more checking over, we decided we/he couldn't go wrong and Joseph bought it.

So far it's mostly just been a few hours of tear down and cleaning, but I have been doing some waxing, polishing, etc. on some sub-assemblies while I wait for a few parts and a special tool to arrive. The headpipe nuts are very stuck in the heads, so I've been flooding them with penetrant and have purchased a "Super Spanner" (from John Chicoine) that grabs them in three of the slots and hopefully will do the trick.

Photo album here:

Two short videos here:
The first was a cold start, the second was after I adjusted the carbs a bit.
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