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Originally Posted by ChrisK7 View Post
So it sounds like KTM is still having some fueling issues with these engines. Does anyone know if they are getting any better with the latest couple year models or if there is a re-flash, etc, to make it any better?

Also, does the big 990 have the changeable map settings like the 690 does?

What sort of real world mileage are you all getting from a tank on the SM-T's?
I have an 06 950 Adventure with carbs that I can get right at 200 miles a tank on and I also have the 2010 Multistrada 1200s that gets right at 200 mile range per tank.
I really like this 990 SMT and think I need one and would like to know all the little niggles about them.

Anyone know if the Adventure wheels will fit the SMT?
No complaints about fueling on my stock '11.

No user switchable map like the 690 that I'm aware of. There's a plug for running low octane fuel.

I'm getting a consistent 33-34mpg on my 28 mile round-trip commute. This is about 25% surface streets, 25% heavy traffic, and 50% highway cruising.
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