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Ok knowledgeable people.. I just bought a real ratty xl250, the older 72-74 version with the side inlet port. I'm going to to a big resto job on it and turn it into a road racing vintage motard ( if that makes sense).

There's plenty to do, but the first major thing I've found is some play in the crank. There's a few thou of end float but the worry is there is a bit of radial play too. just enough so you can feel it.

I had an XL many years ago and my vague memory is telling me that I did this before, (changed the bearings) and it made no difference and I think it turned out to be the bearing moving in the crankcase ( they are pegged in place, not an interference fit). I think it would have been better to locktite them in place.

So what's the consensus, is it normal for the crank to move a little when you grab the flywheel?

This is the first of many questions
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