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I am riding around the world on a KTM 990 Adventure R (11) and my partner who is on a KTM 990 Adventure (08) for charity - Autism Research Trust. First Chinese female to do so. We have just been charged over US$200 by KTM Nairobi for 5 minutes attached to their ECU diagnostic kit + US$600 for two services and that means we really are not eating for a few days.. such is the tight budget. The issue is fuel filters which get wrecked by the poor fuel in Africa and the general conditions which are harsh(ish). Also, KTM 990's have problems with the clutch slave which is not very robust, the front wheel rim and the pumps.. water and fuel.

We are at Jungle Junction in Nairobi having completed 12,000Kms already across Africa and ran into another 990 rider coming south from Ethiopia and he recommended we download Tune ECU and relevant maps for our bikes which we did. However, not much use without the connectors and so I was surfing this site and saw that some people had ingenuously made some up.

Just wondering how to get hold of such a cable/ six point ECU connector and USB connector.

Not easy to import things into Africa. I note there hasn't been a sudden out break of honesty here and everyone seems to fight a lot, hence customs are notorious for squeezing exorbitant import taxes or squeezing for bribes or both usually. Not much we can do when the tone from the top is Kleptomania and poor governance. Anyway, I digress, we really could do with an ECU cable and any advise about upgrading the shoddy clutch slave and pumps.

200US for a diagnostic

ok where to get a tuneecu cable:

Most used clutch slave cylinders;
'10 990SMT
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