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Originally Posted by sion View Post
As some of you know, I managed to roach the cam and rocker arms on my XR a while back. Well, last week on ebay I came across a good used head, rocker cover with rockers, and cam (basically the whole top end) for $180. So I pulled the trigger and bought it. It came yesterday and this morning I set about putting the engine back together. Of course, first the old head had to come off. Thats when I discovered this:
I texted this picture to Steve (BigOhio) who is apparently a master of understatement. He replied "I'm no mechanic, but I think you might have compression problems with that." Anyway, looks like a complete rebuild is in my future.
meanwhile, here's some crappy pics of the rest of the damage:
looks like there'll be no dirt/trail riding anytime soon for me
Sorry to hear/see that.
Any idea what caused it? Maybe oil starvation?
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