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Laugh OK - like I said...

Here ya go - I LOVE Suzukis man!

However, no damn pic of my GS750E. That wassa HUGE cool bike.... Kinda scary tho as a young E4 with no rear brake (dead hydraulics) and going 125mph with bad tires when I got all buggered up!

Damn sure wish I had a pic of it... LOVED the digital gear select readout!

The TS50J here is not mine but same color/year. Those Honda XR boys would kick my ass from a stop, but -- I gave them XR75's FITS on long straights with that 51mph BEAST (back in 1973) LOL! Thing would scream top end (likeabout 50 )

I guess you should imagine that red dirt road by Brooks & Dunn!

As you can tell - I like their big scoots too.

Now I am saddled with a mint condition Honda Transalp and a perfect Helix. How did these Hondas start to surface???

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