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Going back to the posts about breaking beads... Sorry if I missed it, but didn't see any posts about this... Many years ago I had heard of breaking a bead using a second bike's sidestand. Then I had a chance to try it - on a trip w/friends. It was the rear off a 93 Kbike at the time.

I had a flat in front of the Lincoln Memorial at the huge bus loading area. Tried plugs but it wouldn't hold air w/even multiple plugs longer than a half-hour. That got us to a friend's house at least. We pulled the wheel and lined up a friend's bike next to the wheel on the ground. It took a couple people to lean the bike right to raise the sidestand high enough to get the wheel w/flat under it.

Then we leaned the weight of the bike on the rubber, just missing the rim itself. It popped pretty easily. Snazzy. No real MacGuyvering, but a great solution.

Since the only tire available in this garage was a slightly used GS tire, that bike forever became my 93 K1100GS! It fit fine and ran fine - loved it.
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