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Question After the Uly...who's changed to something different and is happy with it?

Ok, I think I'm coming to the end of my 'cool bike with personality' Buell experiment. My 07 grenaded at 28K miles, but being a romantic, I picked up a used 08 last spring. The 08, if you know these bikes, was supposed to be improved in lots of ways. Well, the damn thing stranded me in Polson, MT on the fourth day of a 6 day ride. They're still trying to determine which of the known gremlims (ECM, Chaffed fuel pump wires, etc.) are affecting the bike. I had a girlfriend like this in college, she was gorgeous and mercurial and fun to ride, but I dropped her because I knew eventually it would end badly.

So, it's time to think about what the next bike is, and I'd be grateful for any ex Uly riders to chime in.

When I bought the Uly, I was living in Utah, and did a lot of dirt road rides with it. My riding buddies had the typical big KTM 990s, BMW R1200GS, BMW F800GS etc. Now that I'm living in WA, I don't have quite the same riding, and spend more time on the street. I have a Harley Heritage, (which is what I SHOULD have taken on the trip) so I don't really need a cruiser. I also have a Triumph Scrambler which I putz around on and take up Forest Service roads if I'm looking for some gravel etc. So when I think about it, I really want a bike that has the spirit of the Uly, the upright riding position (hey, I'm 55) handles great, can be used for long rides, and good power.

My riding pal insists I need a R1200GS, but frankly, I find the telelever front end sort of weird, and now that I'm not in Utah, I don't know if I need that kind of tractor. But I'm open.

Another thought that's occurred to me is the Tiger. Yeah, I know everyone loves the 800 but I think the 1050 might be closer to the Uly in seat position and power.

I've looked at but have not ridden the Aprillia Dorsoduro. It looks kind of sharp, but I know nothing about it.

Finally, I'm thinking very hard about used. I'm not poor, but I am sorta cheap.

So I know that's sprt of a generic set of criteria and I know it's been asked a hundred times before, but whaddya think?
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