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I've owned a GS, a Uly, and currently have both 1050 and 800 Tigers.

Never got along all that well with the GS. OK bike, but not for me.

Loved the Uly as a touring bike. I rode it from Anchorage to Dallas and it was terrific for that trip. Dirt roads, gravel, interstate, two lane, it worked great everywhere I took it. And it's one of the most comfortable bikes I've ever been on for a long period of time. I found it irritating to run around town though. Just too tall and too hot (it was an '07) to be a handy around town ride.

The 1050 Tiger is somewhat similar to the Uly. Mostly street oriented big dually. The great triple engine is super smooth and quite strong. Plenty of fun there if you are looking for it. I really haven't ridden this bike a whole lot, as I bought it because it was a steal and it fits my son like a glove (6'4" and 36" inseam). I don't think it's quite as comfy as the Uly, but my son has never complained and his longest day was about 300 miles. I can't ever seem to pry it away from him for more than a few minutes at a time.

I too had a Scrambler, but sold it when I bought the Tiger 800. The little Tiger has become my every day ride. I thoroughly enjoyed the Scrambler, but the 800 is just so much more capable. The engine is even smoother than the 1050 and has plenty of horsepower, but not quite the grunt. Height and weight work fine for me around town. Good suspension and excellent handling. It would be a very capable tourer as well, if need be.

With the way you feel about your Uly, I'd say you need to test ride the 1050 Tiger. Obviously the motor isn't going to feel the same, but it is pretty great in it's own right and has plenty of torque to keep me happy. Not quite as much as the Uly, but enough. I'm a big fan of twins myself, and really don't care for inline fours, but the Triumph triples have won me over. And used 1050 Tigers can be had very reasonably. Low mileage examples for $7k is pretty common. I got mine with less than 3k miles for $5500, but it's the only one I've ever seen go that cheap.
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