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Dave have I been operating under a miss assumption? I have always thought that atmospheric pressure pushed the fuel out of the tank ( Tank Vent ) and with your loop in your fuel line you would only have a very small amount of fuel left in the line after the tank runs dry. Am I missing something?

Great bike build. Was worth the two year wait to see.


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The way the fuel will need to go down and then back up is sure to cause a problem. When you've got the weight of 5 gallons of gas pushing down on it, then it should be OK. But by the time you have only 1/2 a tank of gas left, there may not be enough force on it to push it back up into the carb inlet. In effect, you'll be running out of gas when you're half full. Perhaps a 90 degree elbow to bend it in, or shorten the hose. Either way, the hose shouldn't sag lower than the carb inlet.
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