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I decided today to get my two spoons and install TKC 80s on my 990 adventure the old school way...on the floor with some soap and water, spoons and wrasslin'. What a disaster. Banged up my black front rim (that black finish comes off REALLY easy when spoons hit it)
... i know that feeling, what was wrong with that old school sliver...

It will be interesting to see if that TKC helps eliminate the deceleration wobble...They work well for me.

I use these for the little lever action needed, or a piece of leather...

I would also watch the vids on the no-mare site on changing tires, they helped me as where to put and not put the lube on the wheel and tire... on a good day and depending on the tire, i can pop the fronts on with my hands with a properly lubed units... The goop they send is the ticket...
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