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hi guys, I could calculate the hours, but that would be no fun. AS with any 'custom' job and having a set standard of build quality, you can never estimate how long it will take, but people still need to know what the costs are going to be. With that said, Hours and design time, research of parts, fabrication, finishing and assembly all take way longer, ask any hot rod shop. I can't build something super nice and thought out for one part and half-assed build another part just to save some time, not how I work. I won't disclose the monies spent by the owner, not cool business etiquette. Over the next little while I may have something to offer for those interested in a special limited production build. There are some cost savings in common builds (not a one off custom each time). Guestimating the cost will be somewhere around the price of a new GS with a loaded sidecar, as far as monies go. Could be more, could be less. We'll see. Bike is already in the shop waiting for me.... to be continued.
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