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Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
Hey Doc, I put together a GPX storage, search, & display program together last week. I published it last night. Please come and check it out and see if you find it useful. You can store your tracks privately or share them. You can share them but not allow zooming in to close or download. Soon, you will be able to update your tracks online and and export an updated GPX.

I thought you and the rest of the ADV world might find it useful. Below is your Mobius Trip - 4a on display.
Cool site! Sorry I haven't updated this thread in ages. There are so few roads way up north where we've been for M5-7 that I haven't been posting the tracks. I've had some specific requests for waypoints and tracks, and now that we've steered Mobius down south (relatively speaking) again, it's time to get caught up.

I'll do my best to get these files posted to your site as well.

thanks for your efforts.
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