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Originally Posted by pckopp View Post
I serviced my forks a couple of years ago and between then and now moved to South Carolina and back. Somewhere in the boxes is my XL250 manual, but I have not discovered it yet.
So a couple of questions: What is the recommended amount of fork oil, and what weight?
I am sure I followed the book correctly, but the forks are really stiff. They almost feel rigid, but they dive under braking and are not bound up in any way. I suspect I used ATF for fluid as what I poured out looks exactly like a partial jug of ATF on my shelf. The seals are good and the insides are clean.
Are there some common mods for making them better?
It is this bike, btw.
Got stock springs?
My '72 manual says 165cc if it's dry & 145cc since 20cc will still be inside.
I was told to try 10wt in mine, 20 if I liked a stiffer ride.
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