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Originally Posted by buildit View Post
Okay, I come seeking wisdom. Possibly Byron's big moment here
To those who know I'm trying to sell the 426. So I added it to Columbus CL last night and this morning I was contacted by a guy wanting to trade a Gold Wing for it. Thing is it's a 1977 with 80,000mi, possible carb issues, and rear suspension needing replaced. I'm asking 2100 for the 426 but want $2000. I even looked at some other wings online that are newer, less issues, and only cost $1500. I don't think it's that great a trade for me but I know very little about gold wings and told him I'd probably want $600 cash plus his bike. I guess my thinking is it would be nice to have a really big touring bike for highway trips and such but this thing sounds like it could be a real headache. What say you?
My opinion is not to trade. '77 wings are cool stripped down like valkeries,
but suspension & 4 carb rebuilds are gonna cost BIG $$$.
Plus with 80,000 what else will need replaced/worked on?
[rtwdoug] Just drop me in there with a Honda XL250
(something I wont cry over if I hafta leave it, plus, they are damn near bulletproof)

[joefast14] Never modify a Yamaha SRX-6, they turn into a money hole that you can never get out of.
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