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Originally Posted by rxcrider View Post

And why didn't you post it in the general flea market, as well as in central. I heard there is a guy with a civic and a trailer that makes out of state deliveries so it could be really convenient for you.
I almost missed your joke, buried in the post like that.

By the time he sells it, funny guy, I won't be able to do that. The timing just worked out being off / bored this week.

Originally Posted by buildit View Post
I don't know, the 426 has been a thorn in my side since the electrosport stator issues of 09'. But your right, so I just contacted electrosport to reignite the issue and they seem to feel they will send me a new one and it just got lost in the paperwork.
If so I'll get the new stator installed and then there won't be any, "good bike but" in the sale. Cross your fingers for me that electrosport finally comes thru.

Why don't you just return it to stock; and include the accessories with it when it is bought. The big thing guys want is the street title and it has that already, regardless of equipment on it / not on it. A YZ is kind of a weird choice to dual sport anyway.
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