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Originally Posted by rhinoWERX View Post
The point I was making is a I think it's more about weight distribution than padding. While not the same, I found the Z1000 to be slightly more comfortable from briefly sitting on it when compared to the Ninja. Seats are a crap shoot that often require trial-and-error experiences that can leave a significant dent in your wallet. I'm thinking the Z1000 seat might be a relatively affordable experiment.

We're getting ready to pick up a N1K in the next few weeks - just need to sell a few more things.

Hard to decide on the colour - kinda wish the green was available here...
I get your point. I have some issues with one leg so I sat on both bikes a lot before I bought my Ninja and even went as far as making some measurements to try to understand why they feel different.

The bars are lower on the Z and have no pullback.
The seat/peg relationship is about the same but the Z pegs are easier to move around on thanks to no rubber tops.
The Z sits lower.
The Ninja is about an inch wider across the pegs thanks to the rubber sub mounts.

My problem with Ninja seat is that it's way too narrow in front. What weight isn't supported by your legs is carried on a very small seating area without a lot of padding. Scooting back helps some but not enough. The contour of the front of the seat to make it narrow for short legged riders to get to the ground easier is just a killer for me. It's bad enough the inside of my left leg has developed almost a callous from moving along the edge of the seat.
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