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Originally Posted by Kamchat View Post
Nice pic ...looks like a 'fun road'........ Do you find it easy to 'hold on' and take pics at the same time ..... Sarah takes pics from the pillion occasionally ...but finds it gets harder as the speed increases ..... particularly in the bends.

ps. ..and I am sure you would be a better rider than you think. .....
That pic was taken on our vacation a couple of weeks ago. It took us 7 day to get to what would normally take about 14 hours in a car. Hubby is working on a ride report if you would like to see more. (I took almost 1000 pics so I hope there are a couple of good ones)

Taking pics at speed is no problem, as long as the road is relatively straight. In tight curves I tuck in and enjoy the ride. I do have to be careful when he gets a little crazy and goes off road...........

Here is our current vacation vehicle.....................

We talk about getting to your part of the world one day. Thanks for the beautiful pics !!!!


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