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Hello Ko ... I like to take your post to answer.
First I have to apologize for some facts.

- it will take some time to answer īcause Iīm on business trips very often.( but I will answer )
- the current ambiguous situation
- the lack of clear structures
-..... for starting troubles
- rude kind of my English ( ... itīs not my mothers tongue... and the last time I practice was with US-soldiers )

Unfortunately the sources to purchase our products are limited.... but it should be changed,..
The only way right now is to start requests to the ( independent ) U.S. subsidiary . To show them clearly there is a market for the products....
They need to order tires in advance... itīs not that simple to make a forecast.

By now .. the only way...

I understand thatīs a lack of a common information platform... You right...

What Iīm trying to do is to collect the necessary informations.We all tired of advertising an promises that never kept... correct me if Iīm wrong.

Eakin is right when he say .... pictures... pictures ... pictures... first hand informations ....
User customers are around the world ... but having no feedback channel ... our fault... it has to be changed ...

I tried to collect them and to present it on one platform... (unfortunately) itīs facebook.... ( see my signature) ... As well the Australians gave some important informations right here in advrider... )

Heīs also right when he say .... worned tires are more interesting then new....

Please note ..even it doesnīt look like that .... all postings here are appreciated and will help me to understand whatīs in the riders scene in different countries.
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