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Jumped on your thread, spun through a couple pages and found I had to go back and start at page #1 ---- LOVIN' it and glad I jumped back.

Cool to see you started on a "second hand rd250" back when you were 18...

That was my 1st bike too. Way back in 1982 I was going to college, had a summer job but couldn't afford a car and bought a used Yamaha RD 250 for $500 --- purely for practical reasons. Had to be at work at 7:00am, Landscaping job, and found myself leaving an hour early to ride empty winding, twisting, sweeping, forested back roads (Could've been there in 10 minutes if I'd wanted to, but where's the fun in that??? Guess it wasn't just "practical' anymore...). Rode it to work and on weekends for two summers and sold my $500 bike for $750 after two years of pure blissful use!!! Just may be the best "Deal" I've ever had in my life!

Graduation, a "real" job, the "Real World", Marriage and Kids all seemed to step in on my fun and I gave up Riding for over 20 years (gonna guess I'm not the only one with that tale on AdvRider...). An unfortunate Divorce (in many ways, yet not so unfortunate in some other ways...) and an old college roommate and GREAT friend of 20+ years who "loaned" me a bike he never rides anymore, re-opened the door to Riding again and it has been a Blissful, Eye-Opening, Soulful, Help-Me-Keep-My-Head-On-My-Shoulders re-awakening...

Anyway, enough of my rambling... Like many others, Thanks for your beautiful pic's, your tales, and your time and effort.

P.S. Check out my signature/quote --- it's from "The Holy Grail" --- in reference to your Monty Python/Stalker Castle reference early on in your RR. Of course it must be read with an overly dramatic and thick Scottish brogue...
"And when we add the score at the end of this life, I wanna say I won the game." - from "Roll if ya' fall" by Barefoot Truth
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