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XL 250 build

I just picked this up on Fleabay for a good price ( I thought at the time).

I plan to turn it into a road racer but in a flat track style. I plan shorter ( maybe CB500F) forks and disc, a bit of work in the engine but keeping it to 250cc to stay in the 250 class, and some nice cosmetics.

The more I look into it though, the worse it gets, but hey what's life without a challenge. The crank bearings are wrecked and they aren't available, the cam "bearings" are the same but at least it didn't smoke when I fired it up.

It will be a long term project, but watch this space for updates.

The engine is painted...badly. A trip to the soda blasters is coming up soon.

The can bearings have seen better days. A Megacycle cam with needle rollers is the only solution.
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