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Originally Posted by BigOhio View Post
Thanks for the ride Luke, it was a great time and you probably only heard "too slow" once during the enitre day and that just happened to be a nicely rutted, rocky uphill that some more throttle would have done me nicely. Other than that it was "perfect" and the rain pretty much held off until I pulled into the driveway. Then of course was the yellow jacket that got into my helmet and stung me in the carodid artery right after we split up. I'm not allergic, but it still hurts and swelled up pretty nicely.
Thanks Steve, but I now have someone my size to ride with and he's faster than I am.
Yellow Jackets suck and I've been stung by plenty. I'll have to tell you about TDP 09' some time.

Originally Posted by sion View Post
looks excellent...hope you're doing another run later...after I get the xr back together
If that bike were a person the Dr's would be unhooking the life support and checking the donor card. You need to get a real DS bike that doesn't need a AAA card to ride. Your missing a lot of good rides!
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