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Mad River/\Devils Backbone/\Foggy Dew

I have been trying to get the nads to go forth on my own and do a solo adventure ride here in Washington. So over a period time this summer, I peiced together in my head what I thought would be fun, at least for me. I wanted to make a loop, not just an out and back ride. I also wanted a lot of single track, my butt gets sore sitting in the saddle for any length of time. Since I would be riding this loop on a DRZ400, I wanted to get offroad as quick as posssible.

I came up with a plan to tie three of the best single track areas I know of in Eastern Washington, and eventually meet up with K7MDL, Master Marine, and Shrub at Foggy Dew.

Leaving my house at 8am Thursday, I made a B line for Stevens Pass, were I could quickly get on the pegs and cross the little foot bridge on Old Cascade Highway.

From there I jumped out onto hwy 2 for a couple of miles, and then dove right back onto some logging road at Smith Brook Rd. I went around Lake Wenatchee, and hit the general store for supplies for the night. I was trying to travel as light as possible, for I knew there was going to be some burly single track ahead.
Driving up Chiwawa River Rd. I ducked into the Alder Ridge trailhead, only to find mlyamkaw had parked his truck, and gone for a ride, heading up the Alder Ridge trail, I soon ran into him, and we chatted for a spell.

The lookout on Alder Ridge.

Up on the Mad River trail I ran into two guys doing some trail maintenance with a small trackhoe. I thanked them, and enjoyed the smooth ride over towards Cougar Mountain.

From there it was South Tommy Creek trail down into the Entiat Valley, what a ride it was.
I stopped to gaze at the falls, and I was amazed at the size of the trout in Tommy Creek, but I did not have room to carry any fishing gear. Maybe next time.

Just a little ways from Tommy is the Entiat River.

A short break at the trailhead, and I jumped on the Lake creek trail. This would turn out to be one of my favorites.

Once I reached the top of the trailhead, I chose to go down Lone Peak trail, which would carry me down toward Lake Chelan.

The trail fallowed a burned out ridge, and proved to be a tough choice on the DRZ.

Some wind had arrived ahead of an impending storm front, and some deadfall had blown across the trail in several spots.

I had my lucky saw with me.

My saw would not cut this one, so I had to huck over it.

I finally made it out to a FS road, and then a short ride down to Twenty Five Mile Creek. It was 7pm and I was dead tired, so I found a spot on the creek, off in the brush, were I was able to make camp and wash some of the funk of my body.

More later.

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