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I got my "Licking County Loop" in today. I left Lancaster, hit Granville, backroaded through Alexandria up to Hartford where I met up with a buddy of mine and took his Trail 90 for a short spin. From there I headed through Homer and Brandon, went around Utica, through Martinsville, back through Granville grabbing a sammich at Knuckle Heads, and then back to Lancaster. 150ish miles, 2.5 gallons of fuel. Better than I expected with the 16 tooth counter shaft sprocket. I've decided that the E-start is a priority. It's easy to kick, but if it doesn't fire after a few kicks, that button just taunts me. I've also still got a gremlin in my low beam. Looks like I may need to go through the harness and look for a problem. All in all, I'm really liking this 640. I only saw 8-10 bikes that weren't on trailers today. Thought that was kinda odd. Oh well, their loss... You guys'll have to lemme know when you do your Tar Hollow deal again...
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